Thursday, April 14, 2016

Quick Emotional Rant

If you're here for A to Z, keep scrolling. My blog is my safe place to scream when I can't take it anymore. Screams in typeface are the only kind that work for me.

I have a very large problem. I can't fix or deal with this problem on my own in the required time provided. I could,  maybe,  devote myself to learning two or three trades which would grant me the knowledge,  but not experience,  to take over. But there isn't time, nor do I have any genuine interest in those fields.

Ergo, I delegated the problem resolution to 4 adults. Two of them are passionate about solving this,  as it will forever improve their lives and solve most of their biggest and most immediate problems. The other two are experts with a century of experience between them.

So how in the hell is this coming back on me? How am I the one being tossed under the bus? Do I really have to do everything?  Am I going to have to start doing my own surgery next? Take spaceships up to repair satellites? I mean, really, at one point do I not have to do every freaking thing? I can't handle this.

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