Saturday, April 30, 2016

Potential Meme -girl self esteem

Before we get all hung up on blaming society,  magazines,  models,  and Hollywood... How about if we take a second to check what dear old dad has displayed as a fantasy woman? Frued wasn't entirely wrong,  after all. Is it a scientist of the month calendar hanging next to the tool box? I'm just putting it out there that whatever women a dad shows his daughter as his ideal is what she'll first strive to be when she hits puberty. That switch from wanting to be mom to wanting to be who dad defined as his fantasy. The moment it clicks in the mind that MOM ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH. She didn't manage to remain the fantasy. (*There are men who manage to be the exception. Congratulations. There are also gay dads, but I'm not sure how they portray women to their daughters-- I imagine it varies.)

The good news is that a lot of girls grow up and get over this. We stop seeking that approval. Some of us just don't put up with not being the fantasy because we've realized that there's always some other guy out there who WILL treat us like the fantasy.

Just thought I'd share this insight after my dad has sent me yet another sexist joke which I've come to just roll my eyes at because I've long since realized that's the height of his regard. I love him, but he's beyond change. He grew up learning that this behavior was okay. If I had a son, I would hope to teach him better.

Seems society is going the way of just giving males the same body issues. No six pack abs, no love.

Survival of the fittest. We aren't beyond caveman instincts yet. We haven't become a world longing for technological and cultural advancement yet-- That's only some of us, not a majority.

Maybe one day.

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