Sunday, April 14, 2019

Funny or Writer Genius

Ahh, Facebook. I have a love-hate relationship with you. When I'm feeling lonely (which is most of the time) it's good to be able to check up on friends. To see memories. To feel connected.

But then there's a challenge thrown out by my brother. "400 comments" and he'll egg me. I don't currently have quarters to do a load of wash. So this really means he gets 400 comments and it costs me $4 in quarters plus at least 2 hours of my life, and my husband's life as he has to carry the wash basket because I can't physically pick it up anymore.

I made a counter offer that instead of egging me, my brother should have to do his own laundry and my parents for a weekend this summer. Since our mom does his. And no, he doesn't pay her. She works part-time and dad is retired, and they're deep in debt. My brother spends his weekends getting ready for car demo derbies. That's where you buy a car and then smash it. But he can't afford the time or cost to do his own wash.

And now I'll have to pay to do an extra load of my laundry because one of his friends sat there for several hours leaving the same bee emoji over and over again to get it to 400 comments. Comments, not likes, because he doesn't know that many people.

I feel like writers should be able to use this. 400 responses to this post about a book and... someone has to send me money but not to buy a copy! A random bit of food is wasted! I don't know.

Maybe I'd be amused if doing laundry was free and didn't cost me exhaustion. Or if there was even a change machine around here. Because $4 is the base price. The dryer often doesn't dry, so that's another $2. It gets refunded by check a few weeks later. Then the check has to be deposited. And the atm doesn't give quarters, or less than $20. So I have to go to a 24-hour store to buy something to get cash back to go to the creepy carwash across town to buy quarters. I don't have a way to hang dry things in this apartment.

Comments are closed because I'm just venting.

I'm sure it sounds really funny to someone who doesn't do their own wash, or doesn't have health issues that make even that simple task far more difficult than it should be.

But the child who is medically allowed to hold a job (and does work) and is capable of doing his own wash has mom doing it for him.