Sunday, April 7, 2019


*This is a Sunday ramble. Not part of the A to Z challenge. I sometimes rant on my blog because it is my safe space to do so.

There are outbreaks of preventable diseases left and right. Preventable, not very treatable. And once it breaks out, it mutates, so the prevention stops working.

I believe the science behind it is like...

If you got all the dogs (for example) onto a ranch. They're contained and can't make puppies. Maybe one or two out there, but they can't breed either, so it's okay. Then someone knocks out the fence and 20% of the dogs get out. Young ones not fixed yet. And they breed with wolves. Cyber-genetically enhanced ones. So now you don't just have dogs to contain, you've got wolves. And people cry wolf but others are all, "stop crying wolf," and then more dogs get out and make more wolves. Then the super wolves eat everyone.

Except dogs and wolves don't actually do this. A virus, however, is a super breeder that exists to evolve and destroy, so it absolutely does this.
And that's why they needed as many people as possible to be vaccinated, because the problem could only escalate if it got out. Well, it got out. And the pharmaceutical companies are gonna make SO MUCH MONEY. Vaccines were selling well. But this is creating a whole new need. Like the twist in the "Promised Land" movie with Matt Damon.

Hopefully the outbreaks this year will be enough to stop the antivaxxers. It's literally a question of  "how many people have to die?"

Yes, there are always some people who really can't have a vaccine. But the point is the others do get them and we protect each other. We live as a society or we die in mass numbers. 😔

This is why education is so important. Knowledge is the only weapon against herd mentality.

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