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Ley Lines #AtoZchallenge #AdForRoomatesStory #Paranormal #UrbanFantasy #LGBTQIA+

This month-long story, “Ad for Roommates,” told in twenty-six parts, is an urban fantasy intended for readers over age fifteen. Liv, the main character, is an adult in her thirties. This is a prequel to a forthcoming book and my theme for the #AtoZchallenge. To meet another character from from this story world, visit the (adult) blog of co-host Jayden R Vincente.

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I wake up to the sound of cursing coming from my backyard.

“Please tell me you’re not turning to ash out here.” I climb from the couch to my chair and wheel out.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” My friend Jaxson replies as he hops around on one foot.

I rub my eyes. “Nothing. Thought you were someone else. What’s going on?”

“Your rock kicked my toe.”

“They do that. I haven’t had any caffeine yet. Want to come in and tell me why you’re here?” I need a better lock on my fence. Jaxson follows me inside. He goes to my kitchen and starts making breakfast.

“Over-easy or sunnyside?”
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I roll to my usual spot at the island. It’s too early to argue about him showing up and then cooking. “Over-easy. Just one slice of toast, please.”

He doesn’t say anything until our food is plated and tea is poured. “There was a surge in your ley lines.”

“My what? I didn’t have an orgy, not that it’d be your business if I did.”

He z-snaps and purses his lips. I laugh. The move looks better now than when we were younger, back before Jaxson had his true body. “Girl, that’s definitely my business if you have one! I’d expect an invite.”

I laugh harder. Should have peed before breakfast. “Stop, stop. I surrender.”

“Good.” He nibbles his toast. “Your ley lines. The magnetic energy that connects powerful places? Remember I told you that two intersect in your house.”

“Right. Yes. I know what ley lines are, I’m not an idiot. Just thought you said something else. What do you mean by a surge?” I polish off my eggs. Jaxson could be a professional chef if he wanted to.

“There was a surge. I thought maybe Catty had a growth spurt. Or one of your other friends gave birth. Figured I should check on you.”

“Which is why we have phones.”

He shrugs and clears the plates. “And if you were dead? Or if something was faking your voice? Maybe Daddy turned vengeful. Best to just come see for myself.”

“Uh huh. But the front door didn’t look pretty enough for you?”

Jaxson gives a wicked grin. “You know I prefer the back door.”

I put my hands up. “That’s it! I’m going to use the bathroom before you make me have an accident.”

When I roll back into the kitchen a few minutes later, Jaxson is gone. I call out, but no one answers. Then I notice the sunroom door is ajar.

“Oh no. Please don’t let him be dead.” I roll over.

Thankfully, none of the creatures ate him. In fact, they seem to be entertained by his magic show. Witches!

“Everyone looks fine,” he tells me.

“Yeah. I told you not to go in here without me. They don’t know you well enough yet.”

He shrugs. “They know I can see the lines, feed from them as they do. Maybe you should give them more credit.”

“Yeah. Next, you’ll tell me that the vampire I invited in last night just wanted me for my location.”

Jaxson’s jaw drops. “You hung out with a vampire and didn’t tell me? Liv, seriously, I’m questioning our friendship. And, by the way, that’s obviously the surge.”

I shrug. “He’ll be back in twenty-eight days. I think I’m his dealer now. By the way, I’m looking for roommates. Oh, and I told a creepy wanna-be biker guy that you were the one looking.”
vampire menstrual period blood - Ley Lines #AtoZchallenge #AdForRoomatesStory #Paranormal #UrbanFantasy  #LGBTQIA+

If sunbeams could shoot out of person, I’d be blind. “I’m that guy? Your protector? Okay, friendship refortified.”

Too bad everyone isn’t that easy to please.

“Twenty- eight days from now? Is it a lunar cycle?”

I laugh. “Well, some women call periods the moon goddess cycle, so in a way. Judah, my vampire friend, has a taste for certain blood. Makes me seem like a fine wine, doesn’t it?”

*** 652 words

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  3. Enjoyed reading the story, thanks. All the best for the rest of the challenge.


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