Sunday, April 21, 2019

#WEPFF #WEP Jewel Box Sci-fi humor flash fiction

I'm late to the game. Just came across this while visiting a friend. Figured I'd jump in since the list was open yet. Just wrote this kid sci-fi for fun. 271 words. - Jamie


Where Gems Come From

"This is my favorite necklace," I say as I open my jewel box. My new step-brother crosses his eight arms. "See the blue gems? I mean, they look kind of black, but it's blue when the light hits it."

"You don't actually wear that, do you?"

"Only when there's a nice occasion. Why?"

He laughs. "It's space poop."

"It is NOT!" I stomp my big foot. The room shakes. My jewel box bounces.

"Breaking gravity won't change it. The Mardookie eats moons and planetoids. And after digestion..." he presses two of his hands to his face, smooshing his cheeks and forcing air unevenly out. The sound is disgusting. His breath is worse.

I sniff my necklace. "It doesn't stink. It's not poop! You're poop. You came out of one of the three anuses instead of hatching."

He laughs. "You're the one playing with space poop. Everyone knows that's where those gems come from. Who gave that to you?"

All my eyes tingle. "I... I won it."

"Fibber. You took it from a dock door and twisted a string around it. And no one told you what it is because you're a baby. Let me guess, they say it's nice. But they get a high pitch in their voice and smile real big."

"They smile real big because it's so pretty."

He runs three hands through his hairs and quills. "Placate and pander. Two P words for you to learn, little one. Come on, I want to see the nebula."

I tuck my necklace back into the box. So far, having a step-brother has been less fun than nearing a black hole.


  1. You crack me up. Love you, coz. Happy anniversary.

  2. This was just brilliant! Thanks for the laugh. A very creative use of the prompt.

  3. Hilarious Jamie. Don’t we all long for a step brother with eight arms. Glad you snuck in when the portal opened momentarily.

  4. This is so fun and clever! I loved it! Thanks for participating!

  5. Oh, this is funny! Great story.

  6. Humorous use of jewel box. Takes all sorts to appreciate poop - sorry jewels.

  7. A rose by any other name?
    Snorting with mirth here. Thank you.

  8. The big foot stomp. The expression about breaking gravity. And a space creature that eats something so large. Wow! Lots of fun world-building and character creation in this short story.

  9. I wonder what universe this is. . . I'll be sure to avoid it, if fun is a black hole. This would certainly appeal to kids and some adults as well. A little humour to lighten the theme.

  10. I'm guessing the brother is right and it is space poop.
    I enjoyed this. It was quite amusing.

  11. I enjoyed your light-hearted take on this prompt.
    Great characters!

  12. This story is so fun and cute! I really liked it.


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