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This month-long story, “Ad for Roommates,” told in twenty-six parts, is an urban fantasy intended for readers over age fifteen. Liv, the main character, is an adult in her thirties. This is a prequel to a forthcoming book and my theme for the #AtoZchallenge. To meet another character from from this story world, visit the (adult) blog of co-host Jayden R Vincente.

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“Yeah. For the best. He never, well, I,” Eunice bites her lip. “You gave me my only big O.”

“Oh. Wow.” Not just the only girl experience she’s had.

This is not how I saw today going. Or ever, really. Who discusses this over salad? As if I don’t have enough abnormal in my life. Chatting with ghosts, caring for paranormal creatures, and now being my ex’s fantasy.

“So, how about you? End up with someone?” She takes a bite of salad and then stares at her cup.

I know this is a loaded question. She’s hoping for a hookup. There’s no way I can live up to the memory of who I once was. “Honestly, it has been awhile. Just haven’t been in that headspace, you know?”

“Sure. Though, they say it can help to process grief.”

“Yeah. Maybe. I just haven’t wanted to. Plus I didn’t bring dating clothing.” Okay, now I’m lying. Everything I own is at dad’s place. My place. The house.

Eunice reaches over to toy with my hoodie string. “You were the only girl I knew our age to have sexy underwear. I remember wondering how you got your mom to buy it for you. Took a few years to figure out that you were allowed to shop for yourself. You still have that under this?”

“Well, I mean, yeah. I like lace and satin.” And other things, but I’m not mentioning that right now. Not in a salad place.

Grief #AtoZchallenge #ShortStory #AdForRoomatesStory #LGBTQIA+ #UrbanFantasy - Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash
“That spot in the woods is still there. Kids don’t venture to it anymore. But I still take walks out that way. The path is worn enough, I bet I could get you there.” She puts her hand on my knee.

“I, umm, I’m not sure about a trip to the forest.”

She tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Anywhere. Really. My place has a lot of steps though.”

“Your place. Right. Because you would have your own place since you got divorced.” Dumb. My brain is getting dumb. It has been ages since I’ve been on a date. Wait. This isn’t a date. Is it? She’s not asking me for a second date, right? Oh crap.

Eunice smiles as she strokes my ear. “Look, we’re both going through stuff. Obviously, neither of us is ready for some epic romance. But what are the odds we’d both grab a salad today? The universe has given us a chance for a fun night. Why not take it?”

“Yeah. But, Eunice, am I really the only girl you hooked up with? I don’t want to hurt you, or have you feeling confused.”

She shrugs. “One girl. One guy. One mostly good experience. One mostly bad one. Not much to be confused about.”

“I don’t want to be a rebound.” Then again, that might be fast and easy. No. Bad Liv, bad.

Eunice laughs. “Pretty sure Fynn was the rebound. And not a worthy one. Look, I can’t say I ever got over you. And, yeah, you’ve been my fantasy for years. Which has been a problem at confession. To the point that I stopped going. I got tired of feeling guilty all the time for the only experience that ever made me feel good. You’re better than anti-depressants.”

“Oh, wow. That’s, wow.” Danger. Danger. Roll away!

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  1. And the tension thickens! Can't wait to read the next post!!
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  2. Eek, Eunice seems like bad news...Roll away, Liv! Loving how this is playing out!
    Operation Awesome. Our A to Z 2019 theme is the writing journey.


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